Saturday, October 17, 2020


You have an IRON STOMACH, perhaps literally. You're able to eat nearly anything without injury and can store things in your gut, regurgitating them when necessary.

By Mingchen Shen

Start with: a medium sword (perfect for swallowing), light armour, portable stove, an extra week of rations

Backgrounds: part cow, chef, have a pocket dimension in your small intestine, geologist, champion pie eater

A: Stomach Storage, Refined Palate
B: Projectile Vomiting
C: Reinvigorating Rests
D: Edible Ornamentation

Stomach Storage: You can swallow just about anything to no ill effect, store things in your stomach for later, and digest whatever you want given time. You get an extra 5 SLOTS, and an additional one for each other IRON STOMACH template you take.

Refined Palate: You always know the best place in town to go for something to eat, and have advantage on rolls to avoid the effects of ingested poison. You start with an extra 1 HP, and get an extra 1 each time you level up (on top of any other gains).

Projectile Vomiting: You've mastered the art of chucking your guts; items you spit (as an action) can hit anything NEAR, dealing 1 damage to their target. You can destroy that item permanently to deal 1d8 instead. Every extra IRON STOMACH template you take makes this deal an additional 1 damage.

Reinvigorating Rests: Lunch and a good night's sleep both restore an extra 1 HP to you and all your allies.

Edible Ornamentation: You may destroy items stored in your gut rather than eat rations.

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