Sunday, September 27, 2020

BLLOG Backgrounds (d100 Table + Rulings)

100 backgrounds for the Black Lotus Laws of Gaming, a GLOGhack set in a fantasy world inspired by Louisiana. See a brief setting intro here.

My planned background "rules" for BLLOG are as follows: for tasks related to your background, you won't need to roll where others might. For more difficult or potentially consequential tasks, the DM may still ask you to roll with advantage (roll 2d20, take the better). Where others might roll with disadvantage, you roll normally, etc. If you would prefer to use a different system, by all means do so.

First and foremost, these backgrounds are intended to give you new tools with which to approach the world of Eralou, opening up opportunities for interactions and solutions to problems that might not come up otherwise.

A crawgiant. By Josh Shelnutt

The Table:

4:Farmer54:Teenage rebel
7:Art forger57:Construction worker
8:Virtuoso58:Music historian
9:Aristocrat59:New Alores historian
10:Chorus singer60:Storyteller
11:Former zoulev practitioner61:Prankster
12:Researcher62:Humble heir
13:Shady butcher63:Loan shark
14:Raised by mushrooms.64:Ramshackle inventor
15:Born in the bayou65:Gator haberdasher
16:Carpenter66:Local expert
17:Tour guide67:Conservationist
18:Smuggler68:Untrustworthy almanac writer
19:False seer69:Unscrupulous mortician
20:Failed bureaucrat70:Bottle-golem sculptor
21:Marshcroak breeder71:Lotus ale brewer
22:Tomb attendant72:Moderately successful flourist
23:Bartender73:Wannabe adventurer
24:Barfly74:Serpent hermit
25:Riverboat pilot75:Parent of 3d4 children
26:Boat engineer76:Talisman salesman
27:Circus performer77:Huntsman
28:Teacher78:Descendant of a saint
29:Beekeeper79:Champion beignet eater
30:Devil wrangler80:Former deputy
31:Trufflemonger81:Got lost in the bayou, wandered out one day
32:Crawgiant rider82:Maid to the royal family
33:Swooprat (bat) tamer83:Courier
34:Balloon engineer84:Cheese consultant
35:Bounty hunter85:Fireworks enthusiast
36:Local celebrity86:Misunderstood poet
37:Local crackpot87:Trashtalker
38:Failed author88:Very trusted merchant
39:Surgeon-in-training89:Exotic animal handler
40:Infamously bad barber90:Town gossip
41:Gambler91:Gazette writer
42:Subject of a famous song or painting92:Experimental stiltwalker
43:Jewel thief93:Parade float judge
44:Street partier94:Plagued by vicious rumors
45:One hit wonder95:Outlandish hoax-crafter
46:Obscure collector96:Perfume connoisseur
47:Tourist97:Ten times failed entrepreneur
48:Orphan98:Victim of a minor irreversible curse
49:Mobster99:Child of the mayor
50:Fireman00:Reroll twice. Both backgrounds apply.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Black Lotus Laws of Gaming (BLLOG)

Eralou is a fantasy setting inspired by the culture and folklore of Louisiana, originally created by Simon Williamson for their custom Magic: the Gathering set of the same name. (You can view the in-progress re-imagining of set here, which is the version of the world this content will be based on. Some flavor divergences here and there, but the former gives a good idea of the setting.) This post — and likely quite a few future ones — is my attempt to transfer that setting to a TTRPG, specifically a variant of Arnold K.'s GLOG, with inspiration being drawn from a wide variety of different blogs and hacks.

One of the most important elements of the setting is the black lotus. These plants are imbued with great magic, and can be used for many purposes: making food taste better, bargaining with spirits, enhancing a musician’s abilities; the list goes on. They can be somewhat rare, and are often quite valued — many would do a lot to get their hands on one. Once each year, during the festival of Plume de Val, all of the plane's lotuses bloom — magic is in the air, the great Phoenix rises, and celebrations can go on for weeks.

Some things you can expect from the setting include...

  • Sentient fungi and frogs and birdfolk, oh my!
  • No fewer than eight classes, including three distinct types of magic user.
  • A research organisation headed by an owl from another world.
  • Far too many tables, for likely completely unnecessary things, including...
    • 1d20 Lies the royal family will tell you about themselves
    • 1d100 Mildly magic trinkets
    • 1d20 Rumours heard muttered in the bar
    • 1d66 Folk saints and their feast days
    • 1d100 Meals you can find in a restaurant in New Alores (the largest city around)
  • A church dedicated to a long-dead angel.
  • All manner of odd creatures and encounters.

By Vyacheslav Safronov

All to come in future posts! For now, have 1d100 possible backgrounds from  the setting:

Monday, August 10, 2020

The Survivalist (GLOG Class)

Here's my take on the ranger/wilderness-person class, drawing inspiration from Arnold KVelexiraptor, and zoeology's Ranger classes, and probably some others I'm forgetting.

You've spent a long time living in the wilderness past the edges of the City, beyond the borders of any town. With skill and stealth, you meet the untamed frontier. 

Starting Equipment: Light armor, sword, bow, quiver of 20 arrows;
Starting Skills (1d4): Athletics, Botany, Cartography, First aid;

A: Wildspeak, Favoured Terrain
B: Trophies
C: Second Wind
D: Enhanced Awareness, Fighting Style

Wildspeak — You're skilled at communicating with and instructing animals, getting +1 to any roll to do so. You may take on one mundane animal with HD less than your <templates> at a time as a companion, which you may give commands to as an action. It can't attack, has hearts equal to your level, and you may communicate with it fluently.

Favoured Terrain — When you gain this feature, choose a terrain type. You get advantage on all rolls to hide, hunt, or forage while in that terrain.

Trophies — You can take trophies from freshly slain corpses. Each occupies one inventory slot, and, provided you wear them prominently, gives +1 to your Defence and grants advantage on rolls to avoid the abilities of creatures of that type.

Second Wind — Living in the wilds and through the course of your adventuring, your stamina has improved. Once each rest, you may draw on your reserves to restore hearts to yourself equal to your CON bonus.

Enhanced Awareness — You can no longer be surprised, and now get +1 to initiative rolls.

Fighting Style — You've become even more accustomed to using a weapon of your choice in combat. Increase the damage die you use for that weapon by one size. (This stacks with other similar features.)

Critique and feedback appreciated!

Friday, July 31, 2020

Mafia Knight (GLOG Class)

This isn't quite my first GLOG class, though it is the first post to this blog — inspired by an art piece I came across, by Daniel S. Alessi, here's a Mafia Knight.
Mechanics draw from some of Arnold K's martial classes, Archon's and Skerple's Brawlers, and probably someone else I'm forgetting.
You are a loyal servant of a not-so-noble house of your choosing, and a talented combatant.

Start with: A tux, heavy armor bearing your house's crest, a fearsome reputation, and a large weapon of your choice fondly named the Legbreaker.

While wearing your tux, you receive no movement penalties due to heavy armor.

A: Criminal Contact, Bonecrusher
B: Cleave
C: Powerful Aura, Exceptional Athlete
D: Tough

Criminal Contact
You have at least one reliable contact within your crime family, who you can get a message to from almost anywhere (though it may require a bribe or two). They'll act as a liaison and do their best to provide you with whatever criminal information you seek.

Once each day, you may choose to make a particularly devastating blow with the Legbreaker. You may add your an additional 1d6 to an attack's damage, or you may inflict an injury in addition to the regular damage (thanks for the suggestion, Euclidean!). Outside of combat, you may choose where to inflict the injury, while during battle you must roll randomly for hit location (the table below, as an example). Feel free to use whatever injury rules you wish, though a simple solution might be -3 to all rolls involving that body part while injured.

d6 Hit Location
1-2. Arm
3-4. Leg
5. Torso
6. Head

Whenever you reduce a creature to 0 HP using the Legbreaker, you may make another attack with it against another enemy within reach. You can only cleave [template] targets in a single round.

Powerful Aura
Nearby allies may use your bonus for STR, CON, or fear-based saves rather than their own.

Exceptional Athlete
Once each day, you may re-roll a single STR or CON check of your choosing. 

Reduce all damage that would be dealt to you by 1.

Critique and feedback appreciated!