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May You Be Spared G_d's Judgment (GLOG Classis: Cleric)

Priest. Ardent. Wise One. Monk. Known by many names across many lands, you are one favoured by the G_ds, blessed with some small semblance of their power. You may be part of an organised faith, a devout member of a once-mighty cult, a lone pilgrim on a holy path entirely your own, or any number of things; as long as you work in service to some G_d, hold some sway with Those Of HEAVEN, this may be the class for you.

By Silvia Meiliani

Starting items: signifier of your faith (embroidered robes, porcelain mask, tattoo, &c.), a walking staff, a small weapon, a prayer scroll or sacred text
Skills: religion and (1d3) public speaking, history, or commerce

A: Voice of the G_ds: Common folk recognise you as a person of religious disposition. People are keen to take any advice, counsel, or explanations you offer them, and will likely offer temporary sanctuary or a meal in return for any favours. Oaths said afore you are considered binding, and you may oversee religious ceremonies of many sorts.

A: Augury: You may perform a ritual—as outlined in your particular domain's description—to discern some truth about the world. Roll [template]d6 each time you do, asking up to [highest] questions. Answers given take the form of 'Yes', 'No', or 'Unclear'; if the question relates to your domain, instead you may receive 'Certainly', 'Possibly', 'Unclear', 'Consider Further', 'Unlikely', or 'Impossible'.

B: Reveal Deception: You can sense if those you meet are opposed to the interests of your domain, and dispel illusions & invisibility with a minute of concentration. You may spend ten minutes to ward a site against intruders until sunrise; any unwanted entry immediately alerts you.

B: Proselytize: Whenever you preach in a crowded place, you draw an audience including [template]d6 believers; afterwards, you may hire up to [template] of them on as hirelings to follow you. All believers—those paid and those not—will treat you with reverence and perform small domain-appropriate favours as you instruct, provided they don't aren't put in jeopardy as a result. 

C: Turn: You may force those opposed to you and your domain to test morale; on a failure, they will cower before you or flee in terror. If they succeed, you cannot turn them again until the next day.

D: Sect: You may start a splinter of your own. Make sure to note some distinguishing tenets or heresies, preferably ones your character already holds to. Hirelings you choose to ordain count as CHOSEN of the first level, with your title passing to one of them when you die.

G_ds Great and Small

1. Idona, the Watcher, They Who Birthed Nations
Domains: Time, Life, Death
The First God, from whom came all and unto shall all return. They were among those who raised the Mountain from the depths of Chaos, but refused to rule from the Throne of Heaven. Burial is but a return to their embrace, for the devoted. Patron of midwives, gravediggers, and all those who care deeply for others.

Starting items: Your holy symbol is a golden circle hanging from a chain necklace, your weapon a half-moon sickle. In addition, you carry a copy of Alsther Wisborne's Alamanac of Common Kyures and Ailments and a roll of bandages.
Augury: You know the True Tongue of ancient things; you may spend an hour in contemplative silence to consult with the souls of rock and stone, those mighty forests that stood long before mankind lay foot in these lands.
Benefit: You have knowledge of many non-magical diseases, as well as simple cures for them. You may craft poultices from common herbs, and have enough training to lessen the long-term effects of a wound provided you get to it within a day.
Drawback: When an innocent in need requests your help, your oaths oblige you to help; doubly so if it concerns a loved one of theirs. As a rule of thumb, an "innocent" is anyone with less than 1 HD who isn't trying to start a fight.

2. Tadhros, the Burning One, She Who Scattered the Stars
Domains: Fire, Light, Violence
The sun, by whose light the world may live. A thousand times she led her armies against the forces of endless night, a thousand times mankind saved by their shed blood. Only once her armies' swords laid to rest, a thousand sacrifices made at once to banish the dark forever more, their bodies scattered now across the blackness.

Starting items: Your holy symbol is a robe emblazoned with a white sun, your weapon a short sword. In addition, you carry three sticks of heavily-scented incense.
Augury: Light a fire, burning something of value—1gp or sentimental memory per question—and stare at its heart. It will burn itself out in ten times [dice] minutes; you may derive answers from the ashes.
Benefit: You may snap your fingers at any time to create a spark as that of a flint and steel.
Drawback: You are forbidden to put out a fire before it burns itself out naturally. All food you eat must be cooked.

3. Solgrannis, Plague-Bearer, Who Lurks in the Night
Domains: Disease, Squalor, Darkness
Be it demon or g_d true, all who know his name know it something to be feared. Uncountable tales of its nature are told across lands near and far, by drunkards in tavern corners and old wives at the village well, tales of a great shambling blackness, a lurching corpse crowned in blood, a foul beast and devourer of children. Each bears some facet of its truth, each is wildly wrong. As the dark itself, he resists comprehension, an ever-shifting form lying just beyond reach.

Starting items: Your holy symbol is a porcelain mask, the face of a plague-bearer transfixed in pain, your weapon a ritual dagger. In addition, you carry a single dose of strongly hallucinogenic fungus and are followed by a raven.
Augury: Slit the belly of a freshly-deceased corpse and make a reading of its internal parts. A hare provides enough entrails for a single question, a human around three.
Benefit: You speak the tongue of all the foul things that prowl in shadow—you may hold conversation with rats, mice, and scavenging beasts as though fluent, though they may not be inclined to listen to you.
Drawback: You posses a permanent whooping cough. People may react as they would to any other sick person, even while the recognise you for a holy person.

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